Re-discover Yourself,
Your relationships and Your sexuality after menopause


Experience deeper connection, delicious sensual pleasure and more fun in the bedroom.

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Do You feel different now, after menopause?

• Your body is different •
• Your needs, wants and desires have changed •
•Your relationship has stalled and you can’t see how to get it going again  •
• What used to feel good doesn’t do it for you anymore •
• Life seems dull and fun has left the building •

When you stagger off the hormonal roller coaster of menopause and realise that you cant go back to your old life, it can be lonely and confusing.
The good news is –  it doesn’t have to be this way.

This can be a time of infinite possibility, freedom and pleasure.

Why should I bother with my sexual energy now?

Sexual energy is not just for sex.
  It is the life force that animates your body and soul,
the creative regenerating electricity that powers your life. 
It gives you vitality, energy and a passion for living.

It’s time to discover the new YOU

 Re-ignite your sexual energy in a way that feels right for you now.
 Deepen your relationships.  
Experience more connection, love and fun.

Here is how I can help You...

Relationship Recovery

The menopausal journey brings so many changes and this includes how you relate, how you feel about yourself and your significant other.
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Ignite your Passion

Many women lose desire for sex during and even after menopause.  Some, however, feel a greater desire than before.  There is no normal.
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Rediscovering You

Who are you now?  You are not the same woman you were before menopause and this can be devastating to your life, your
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Healing Past Trauma

Most women have experienced sexual trauma of some kind.  Mostly we push it aside and carry on, ignoring how it negatively affects us.
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New Skills

Because your body, mind and soul are different after menopause, you have the opportunity to explore and learn new skills in and out of the bedroom.
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Bedroom Bliss

Finding what turns you on after menopause is a fun and pleasurable experience, with or without a partner. Opening to exploring your body
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Talking about sex, relationships and personal stuff can be hard.

I know that opening up to someone you dont know (and even those you do) about your private life can feel embarrassing, vulnerable and shameful.

Talking to someone confidentially, who is non-judgemental, open-minded and has heard most of it, can be liberating, inspiring and bring relief.

I can help you feel at ease discussing these difficult issues, allow you to release shame and blame so you can finally get the love, intimacy and satisfaction you have been longing for.

You may not even know what you want, never mind how to get it.
Together we will find YOUR way to happiness in and out of the bedroom.

Whether you are single, coupled or thruppled, you can experience a revival of passion and joy in all areas of your life after menopause.

If you feel a no-strings, confidential chat with someone who understands what you are going through would be helpful to you right now, email me and we will find a time that suits us both.  I would be honoured to talk with you.